Thank you for coming to the assistance of the People of St. Maarten!

Since the day of Hurricane Irma's impact, The St. Maarten Hospitality and Trade Association (SHTA), the island's largest employers' association, has been the lead non-government organization coordinating delivery and distribution of relief supplies to and in St. Maarten.

In a matter of days after Irma hit we established a staging site in Puerto Rico where we coordinated evacuations and flew in badly needed medical, food and other emergency aid supplies on private airplanes.

We have been the primary organization facilitating and coordinating efforts with major international relief groups such as LiftRescue Global, YachtAid Global, Rise Against Hunger, Samaritan’s Purse, ADRA, Caribbean Flyers,  FEMA, CDEMA and many others. Much of the non-government aid that has been delivered to St. Maarten has been facilitated through our work.

How to Donate

With the urgent relief effort concluded, we have ended our individual donation drive at If you would like to support our continuing efforts to rebuild St. Maarten, please contact us at office @ to discuss.



We'd like to extend special thanks to the amazing people of Puerto Rico for their incredible compassion and generosity, as well as to our friends and colleagues in the yachting industry who have mobilized the entire world to help us.